Friday, August 22, 2008

life is full of changes.

Its amazing, how time flies, and it seems as though everyday is the same as the last one. When you look back, things have changed so much. How do you measure your happieness? The number of times you smile or laugh each day, or the number of times you smile and laugh each week, month?? Why are life changing decisions so difficult? If I had my way, I think I'd like to spend everyday laughing, smiling, and just enjoying myself, so matter how miserable the task at hand is. You can still find your own happieness in hard situations. I guess thats what good friends are for.

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  1. yes I totally agree with you. life is full of changes... for me.. I change from a computer system anylyst to now a fulltime painter .. and running a frame & art shop with my husband. ha.. who knows how our future is.. but one thing has to be sure of .. we have to spend every second as happy as we could .. enjoy!