Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have found myself in a time warp. I see so many posts, talking about how little time there is in the day. Now I'm posting on it, its inevitable!! I love the abundant knowledge that the Internet provides me. I guess my thirst for knowledge is ruining my sleeping habits, and every other aspect of my personal life. I'm a new blogger, and I find myself looking at others blogs, then I click on the blogs that they love, and I read them, then it turns into an all night vicious cycle!! I find myself on wikipedia reading about famous movies stars like Marlyn Monroe or Elvis or past presidents. I read design blogs, craft blogs... its never ending. If I want to know something, its right there in front of me... and to a very curious mind, well, it gets me into a lot of trouble!


  1. LOL!! I do that same thing! If my blog list gets any longer, it's gonna take over my whole blog! It's all so interesting and fun!
    Smiles, Karen