Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a real kid at heart... It gets me in trouble sometimes!

So, last night, I was on the phone with my dad. I decided to let the dog outside, into the back yard. Well, being the child (inside of me) that I am, I picked up our resident frog. Hes awesome. Every night he is awaiting me on the back stoop. Just begging me to turn on the porch light, so the bugs will come and visit, and he can have his midnight snack. He was just a weee little guy at the beginning of the spring, now he barely fits into my hand. So then I thought my husband would get a kick outta seeing how big our little frog had gotten. (don't forget, I have my hot pink cell phone between my ear and shoulder)... the frog jumps outta my hand, into the recliner with my husband, he jumps up, not amused at all... and I lost my frog. He was gone. All I could think of was my cat finding him in the middle of the night, although, the frog would have had a pretty good chance of making it, because my kitty isn't professionally trained at frog catching. Well, I grab the flash light, turn over all of the furniture in the living room, and tadaaa, the froggie was waiting for me underneath the ottoman. Whoa... that was a close one! I took an oath to leave all frogs outside where they belong!

Click on the picture, you can see it in zoom, the details of the frog are something you cannot see with your own eyes!!


  1. Cute story - but be careful. Where I live the frogs/toads put off a poison that (believe it or not) can kill pets.

    When the dog has the frog in their mouth the frog lets out poison through their skin and makes the dogs froth at the mouth and if not treated right away, can kill the dog. We've had many in our area dogs rushed to the vet for this.

    Didn't mean to be a downer on such a funny story - sorry ;(

  2. this was just a country toad, I grew up playing with them. They are more fun than harm! :)

  3. Oh soo cute! I love frogs, we also have a frog that visits most nights for his dinner.

  4. Love the story! We have two frogs that hang out on our front porch doing pest control. We made them a cute little house by propping up a terra cotta pot on some rocks so the can slip under it. We even painted them a little sign on it that reads "The Ribbits 8402 1/4 Suchandsuch Circle" = )

  5. hippie, what a great idea!! I think I'm going to make one for my little guy, he doesnt have much in our back yard to hide in... oh, I'm so excited!! :)