Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Craft Show is Finally Over!

The MOPS fair was yesterday. My table was one of eight! It was a very small show! The rain started falling Friday night, and hardly stopped yesterday. Needless to say, it was an unfortunately small turn out. When there is a fair at the beach and it's raining, not much happens! I had a few sales, but the wonderful thing is that I met a hand full of wonderful women. MOPS is a group, it stands for moms of preschoolers. I find that there are very few times in life where you can see so many wonderful people, doing exactly what we are suppose to do. I'm not sure how this fits in, but every mother I saw there, had it all together. When a child was misbehaving they sat down on the child's level, and explained what they were doing wrong, and corrected the problem. The parenting that I witnessed was terrific. There were no temper tantrums, screaming, dragging the kid by the arm outside, etc. All of the mothers knew where their children were, and made sure that the kids were being kids, but still behaved at the same time. I thought that since the show wasn't very successful, that I'd share the very successful parenting that I witnessed. Good Job MOMS!!


  1. How great that they can all keep it together! I find that is one of the hardest things right now. My two little angels... are anything but angelic and I have to temper-check myself every 5 minutes!! Thanks for sharing!

    Sorry the turn out wasn't so huge, but it sounded nice and that you had a great time anyway.

  2. oh. sorry that the show didn't turn out to be big. but it is good that you had a great time with other moms :)

    I haven't got a kid of my own yet. but knew that parenting is a challenging :) needs patient and experience.

  3. What a nice table!
    I find it sad when people don't know how to treat their kids, my husband and I are currently dealing with a large group of teens who apparently were never disciplined in their lives. From my experience, kid's don't really WANT to misbehave, they just need to understand the rules and have healthy boundries. I could rant, but I'll stop now. ha.
    Anyway, great post!

  4. Glad to hear those moms are properly discipling and loving their kids:)
    I go to a 'Mom To Moms' church group and it is nice to connect with other moms that have the same values!

  5. How wonderful that you were able to take away from a disappointing turnout a wonderful view on parenting! You really saw the silver lining; I really respect that! :)
    The table looks wonderful by the way!