Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gift Tags, When the Economy is DOWN!!

Gift tags are a great outlet for your creative energy, when nothing else your doing seems right! I take a scrap piece of card stock, punch a hole in it, add some ribbon and a few rubber stamps, and I end up with a beautiful little piece of artwork! To accessorize a gift, or to make a personal magnet!

They are quite inexpensive, especially when you already have your own stamps, and they add that personal touch to your gifts!! I stayed up late last night playing with my rubber stamps, and scrap paper! You can get a stack of card stock and scrap paper at your local dollar general for only a few dollars, or at the local craft store!

When you are looking for inexpensive items to play with, Big Lots, Dollar General and the Family Dollar are great places to find small things. I've gotten the scissors with funky edges on them for only a dollar a piece, when at the craft store they are close to five dollars each! Stickers, scrap card stock, and beautiful scrapbook accessories don't have to be so expensive! The Dollar General has a whole craft isle to shop! It is wonderful!!

Another great idea is to buy some inexpensive sticky magnets from the local hardware store! They sick onto the back side of what you are working on, and make a great personalized magnet!!


  1. I love making personalized gift tags, too! I sometimes save cool tags from newly purchased items and modify them. Your tags are fabulous :-)

  2. Those are really pretty. Great ideas and creativity!

  3. There are so many ways you can save money and your tags are a great idea. I can get so much out of one sheet of cardstock! Thanks too for following my blog!

  4. Hi There!
    Thanks for your comment on my warmed my heart to see someone read!

    I do need to get back to my crafting is just hard since i am busy with other things so when nothing is moving it is easier to watch movies that sit in front of my sewing machine....negative attitude, i know.

    I love your is so cute! And i agree about stamps... i made tags for my items that have a heart that says "hand made with love" and i put stickers of my 2 monkeys from my banner on them. I think stamping is relaxing :)

    It is nice to meet a fellow etsier!

    -a lil' monkey, aka Meghan

  5. I love your blog, people like me can learn a lot from your tips, keep up the good work, I will visit often.

  6. Your tags look great! They make me want to make some of my own. :)