Thursday, October 16, 2008


ETSY for animals is a team, that has over 600 members. We all donate items from our etsy stores now and then, and some more often. The donated items are sent out by seller, but listed all at one store. We sometimes donate a percentage of our sales to a charity of our choice. There is one charity a month that ALL proceeds go to. In times like these, where the ecomony is suffering, so do the animals. Many people move, and leave their animals behind, some take their animals to shelters. However many are unadoptable because of dissabilities or attitudes!! They all need our help. The wonderful thing is, we can help. Just purchase an item from the etsy store, and you have a wonderful present for yourself, or as a gift. Most of the items aren't terribly expensive, and go to a great cause. It's very hard to afford to give to charities right now, but we all will still buy Christmas presents for our loved ones. Why not let it help out a charity when you buy a gift?? It's a wonderful thing to do, will make you feel great, and no extra money will really be comming out of your pocket, since your probably planning on spending something at the holidays!

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  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog,on my SITS Day, on Thursday. :-)

    You havesome beautiful jewellery. I've just started making mine. t's fun..